Our PTA - Executive Board Members


Our PTA is made up of parents & staff members who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school.

Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Please feel free to contact them if you have questions. 






 Elizabeth James


 VP Membership

 Alison Pendleton


 VP Programs

 Kristin Llorente


  - Programs VP Elect

 Allison North


  - Staff Appreciation Coordinator

 Jessi Hickman


  - Staff Appreciation Coordinator

 Lauren Binford


 VP Fundraising

 Monica Tucci


  - Fundraising VP Elect  Ashley Aarons  Fundraising@NanClaytonPTA.org
  - Sales and Services   Meredith Schumann  MeredithSchumann@gmail.com
  - Spirit Nights  Jen Traynor   Spiritnight@NanClaytonPTA.org


 Emily Robillard


 DEI(B) Committee Chair

 Suchi Garg 


 DEI(B) SPED Family Coordinator

 Courtney Holcomb


 Communications Chair 

 Vanessa Lopez


  - Website Coordinator

 Erin Espinoza


  - Newsletter Coordinator

 Liz Oxley


 CAC Representative

 Jenny Daughtry


 ACPTA Representative

 Anna McMaster


 Volunteer Coordinator

 Deepti Bellur



 Emily Barclay



 Kimberly de la Garza



 Dave Holhman



 Asuka Nomura